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Obama’s Failures are Republicans’ Fault

Written by iPatriot

“America has not become great because the Republican controlled Congress has blocked Obama for the whole 8 years of his presidency.”

If a sixteen year old said this their ignorance would be understandable.   But when someone over sixty years old says this who has been voting Democrat for the last 10 years it is classic dysfunctional liberal thinking at its finest.

Here’s a quick history lesson in Civics 101:

2000 – George W. Bush is elected president with Republican House and Democrat Senate.  America is attacked on 9-11 by jihadis.

2002 – Republicans are elected to control both houses of Congress as America goes to war in Afghanistan against the regime that harbored Al-Qaeda, and Iraq against the regime that was defeated in Kuwait but continues shooting at American planes and attempted to assassinate an American president.  Republicans initiate deficit spending to pay for the war.

2004 – Republicans extend control as the Democrat media launches into full propaganda character assassination mode.  The Bush White House fails to defend.  Republicans reduce the deficit as the insurgency in Iraq continues.

2006 – Democrats are elected to control both houses of Congress.  They immediately tripled the deficit despite the Iraq war winding down.

2008 – Democrats drive up gas prices through massive stock market manipulation of the oil market.  Bush crashes that by lifting the presidential ban on drilling and opening strategic reserves.  Congressional Democrats stop the bleeding by refusing to lift their ban.  As McCain leads in the polls Democrats nuke the economy by crashing the mortgage banks they control and blame Bush and capitalism.  Community Agitator Barack Obama is elected president and Democrats extend their control of Congress to a supermajority that cannot be overridden by filibuster.  Obama signs the 2008 federal budget that Bush refused because Democrats included a $1.5 trillion deficit.  For the next two years Democrats have unfettered control of government and unleash new taxes and…

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