Here’s Some Advice for Donald Trump for the Next Debate

Written by iPatriot

When a leftist sets you up for a fall, don’t trip.  Word of the day – premise

The Art of Politics is making yourself look grand and your opponent look foolish.  One of the ways of doing this is through the tactics of projection and deflection.  This is a lesson that Donald Trump needs to learn and learn fast.

Lying liberals always ply conservatives with questions based on false premises often comprised of double negatives, twisted meanings, and confusing syntax in order to misdirect.  A false premise is a question designed to make any answer wrong like, “Do you still beat your wife?”  Liberal’s premises are always based on lies they want to promote.  Never walk into the trap by answering a liberal who tries to set the stage on the basis of their lies.

Liberals will set up a false premise to create a false characterization of conservatives by posing false accusations to make their opponent appear to be in the wrong.  Democrat Sen. Kaine attempted this in the 2016 Vice Presidential Debate with Republican Gov. Pence.  Here is that exchange;

Kaine poses false premise to Pence in VP debate

Kaine: “I’d love to hear Gov. Pence tell me what’ so enjoyable or comical about nuclear war?”

The premise of this question is; Gov. Pence believes nuclear war to be enjoyable and comical.  This is the same as Democrats who say, “Republicans want to drink dirty water and breathe dirty air.”  The basis of the question is stupid in proposing that there are people who believe nuclear war is fun and amusing or that drinking dirty water or breathing dirty air is healthy.  Obviously no one believes nuclear war is fun and no one wants to drink dirty water.  By posing this question with its false premise, Sen. Kaine tries to…

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