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2016 Election Corruption

Was Hillary Using a Hidden Teleprompter at the Debate?

Written by iPatriot

There now has been two on-stage presidential face-offs; actually, one, if you count the debate only.  The other was a town hall in which neither met face-to-face.

What is striking about the town hall is that the Sailor who commented about her handling of classified information, he stated that he would have been in jail long ago doing what she has done with the Nations’ secrets.

While Matt Lauer was lobbing softballs at Hillary, he played hardball with Donald Trump trying to trip him up.  Yet, this is nothing new for the shills of Hillary Clinton.  It also has been noted and has been seen that she was wearing an earpiece in which she was being cued in answering Matt Lauer’s question.  It can also be assumed that he knew she was wearing this earpiece.

Since the first town hall, it has gotten worse.  Lester Holt was asking most of the questions at the debate to Donald Trump so they can do real time fact-checking.  Lester Holt was also trying to shut down Trump numerous of time to let Hillary in because she was signaling to put some zingers in.

Three things captured my attention after the debate, primarily the following two days after the debate.

  1. Lester Holt was being more of a debater, rather than a moderator because he called Trump a liar over, either, being against the war in Iraq, or the birther issue.
  2. A white haired man in a suit went to Hillarys’ podium and removed a file folder from it and passed it to Lester Holt. Was this an OP-PO on Trump?  Where did this file originate?  Since it was passed to Lester Holt, was it his file he gave to Hillary to use?
  3. Hillarys’ podium has a teleprompter built in to it (detail in the video below)…
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