BLM and ‘Take ‘Em Down NOLA,’ Sponsored by Government to Influence U.S. Via Acceptance Through Deception

The Charlotte riots were supposedly in response to the shooting of Keith Scott by police were in fact pointless acts of violence when you take into consideration that the Charlotte police officer who shot Keith was black and that Keith himself was black. In this respect, there was no act of prejudice against anyone involved in this incident, as basically only police responding to a crime scene. Thus, we must deduce that the rioters were really there to incite violence to make it appear to be a result of a prejudice act by police and not really there to riot against police prejudice on the black community.
North Carolina state police report that around 70% of the rioters arrested were from out of state. This in itself indicates that these riots were an orchestrated event by an organization who has plans to cause civil unrest and violence at any given moment whenever the opportunity arises. This proves to be true, since the domestic terrorist group known as Black Lives Matter has been proven to be involved with the violence in Charlotte, NC.
In New Orleans, Louisiana on 9/24/2016 a demonstration was held demanding the city take down the statue of Andrew Jackson by a group known as Take ‘Em Down NOLA. To the surprise of many in New Orleans and Louisiana, this group is not the local group most people in this area thought it was. As it turns out, Take ‘Em Down NOLA is a BLM splinter group who takes most of its direction from BLM itself and other related political groups.
So what we have had with all the violence and civil unrest since the Ferguson riots and looting, is basically organized violence from many BLM splinter groups scattered across the country who are taking direction from the original BLM group, who in-turn, are taking their orders from our corrupt Federal government. Thus, BLM itself has plans of violence for every area in the US and is capable of carrying them out on a moment’s notice. The US Federal government funds BLM through other groups, organizations, and by direct grants given to them, so this group and its splinter organizations are essentially being paid to influence the minds of the general public.
The violence in Charlotte is a sure giveaway that it was an orchestrated event, aside from the obvious non racial shooting of a black criminal suspect carrying a gun by a black police officer. The Charlotte Police Chief, Kerr Putney is also black and the city council is very diverse regarding the percentage of non whites in its current members.
The situation in New Orleans with the statue of Andrew Jackson and BLM splinter group Take ‘Em Down NOLA demanding it be removed is yet another example of organized unrest for a political cause by influences totally outside of the area who have nothing what so ever to do with local issues, feelings, or politics. In the case of New Orleans, most people in the city and state want to keep the Andrew Jackson statue and other Confederate monuments exactly where they are. Because they represent the history of the area and state where many have family members buried who fought in the Civil War.
We can look at incidences across the country concerning the removal of Confederate monuments, names, or the flag itself, and each time the very thought of removing it either comes from influences outside the area or state, or from Progressive politicians in power from the Governorship down to local city councils. In each case, it will not be the people of the area demanding anything, it is the Progressive politicians and political organizations from out of the area who are demanding it and hoping to make it appear that the local people are conducting the protests.
Barack Obama has done everything he possibly can to create as much prejudice tension between blacks and whites in the US and also is constantly doing his best to increase tensions between the Hispanic communities, whites and blacks as well.
This type of mental brainwashing by the government on its citizens is a carbon copy of the techniques used on the German people by the Nazis during Adolf Hitler’s time in power.
In today’s America, we have a Dictatorship in power that uses political activism by groups it sponsors and finances to achieve desired goals through brainwashing us into believing a certain idealism is the desire of the majority of the people, when in reality, it is not.
Acceptance through deception is the technique currently being used on the American people in forcing us to accept globalism over Americanism. Unfortunately for the Federal government, many see through the duplicity and refuse to accept the lies.

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Tony Elliott

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