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Maryland School Celebrates ‘Inclusive’ Homecoming Event…Male ‘Queens’ and Female ‘Kings’

Written by Philip Hodges

Students at Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School (B-CC) in Maryland will be voting for their king and queen for the school’s homecoming football game in October.

For decades, homecoming events stuck to historical and scientific definitions of male and female, and of king and queen. In other words, students understood that “king” has masculine connotation, and “queen” has feminine connotation. In fact, I’m sure it was never even thought about as to which gender belonged to which label.

But this year at B-CC, they’ve decided to be all-inclusive. They don’t want to force others into “socially-constructed” gender categories. If a biological male who “identifies” as a female gets chosen to be the school’s homecoming “queen,” then that’s reason to celebrate. They don’t want to exclude anyone.

Like the president of the Student Government Association Jacob Rains said, “It provides an opportunity for all students to be involved in something that was exclusionary.”

“It is really not our job, especially with a gender-neutral and transgender population at B-CC, to tell people that boys have to be kings and girls have to be queens,” Rains admonished. “Who are we to put people into those categories?”

This doesn’t mean that the top two winners for “king” and “queen” will be transgender. It just means that they’re now allowing that to be the case.

But where does this stop? At what point would these people say that it’s gotten too absurd?

What if a student didn’t like the idea of gender at all, or human being? What if he it identified as “battleship?” If that “battleship” received the most votes for homecoming queen, would it ask to be identified only as “battleship,” instead of the highly exclusive “homecoming queen?” How “inclusive” is too inclusive?

I know, it’s completely absurd. About as absurd as saying that a boy can be “queen” if that’s how he “identifies.”

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