The Grand Slam that Trump MISSED in the Debate

Written by iPatriot

Debate moderators are supposed to ask the candidates the same question and let them duke it out.  Holt spent half the time attacking and interrupting Trump while letting Hillary ramble on.  The questions he directed at Trump were over insignificant subjects like birtherism and his taxes.  But Trump did miss a grand slam moment; when Hillary charged him for withholding his taxes to hide whom he would owe upon entering the White House, he could have crushed her over obliterating her emails for the same reason.  The government IRS has all of Trump’s information.  Hillary illegally destroyed all of her information after violating national security.

The Debate

Unlike Hillary, Trump walked into this debate cold.  What America got was the honest Trump who spoke off the cuff from the heart, while the polished politician spoke her practiced lines expertly.  Like Obama, she can never tell the truth about who she is and what she will do to the country.  Where Trump says he would America stronger by taking government off the backs of businesses, Hillary says she will levy heavier more taxes on the rich to “make them pay their ‘fair share.’”  Hillary says Trump’s tax cuts rewards the rich and she wants more money to go to the workers.  Trump says this gives companies the money to grow and that is how more people make money.

“Trumped-up trickle-down.”

Hillary says trickle-down doesn’t work.  Tell that to the Reagan generation who grew up with a booming economy in the 80s and 90s thanks to Reagan tax cuts and Gingrich balanced budgets.  The dirty little secret is that all business is…

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