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MSNBC Destroys Hillary’s Campaign Manager Robby Mook!

Jeff Dunetz
Written by Jeff Dunetz

“We love you, buddy, but what are you here for, if you can’t answer basic questions?”

Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook, was destroyed on Morning Joe Wednesday morning because he tried to tap-dance around the most basic questions about his candidate’s stands on issues.

Things started to go downhill about two and a half minutes into the interview when Willie Geist asked Mook if Clinton had regrets about the way Syria was handled. Completely ignoring the question, Mook’s response was that Hillary left the State Dept. with a 70% approval rating.

GEIST: What’s her biggest regret about the way Syria’s been handled?

MOOK: Well, obviously, she’s been out of office for some time now.

GEIST: But she was there when it started.

MOOK: Well, right, but, but, uh, you know, she, I, I think she’s well regarded for her leadership as secretary of state. She came out of that office with a 70 percent approval rating. In contrast to Donald Trump, she has released a clear and decisive plan to defeat ISIS. Donald Trump has said that he thinks he knows more about it than the generals and refuses to tell us what his secret plan is.

GEIST: I understand, Robby. What about in Syria, though? She supported the drawing of the red line. Obviously, she was out of office when Assad used chemical weapons. Was it a mistake to draw the red line if the president was not willing to go — to do something about it when it was crossed?

MOOK: Well, as you pointed out, the decision regarding that was made after she was out of office, so I think you’d have to ask President Obama —

GEIST: Was she disappointed that the president didn’t act when the line was crossed?

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Jeff Dunetz

Jeff Dunetz

Jeff is a Journalist, Blogger and one of the rare Jewish conservatives in a sea of north east liberal Jews (Thanksgiving dinner is a real pip). Jeff was honored with the 2014 Not For Profit Blogger of the Year award by the National Blogger's Club, is editor/publisher of The Lid (, contributing reporter at and Political Columnist for the newspaper, The Jewish Star.

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