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2016 Election Terrorism

Obama: “We Are in a Narrative Fight With ISIS”

Written by iPatriot

Americanism vs. Globalism – Democrats think we’re in a war of words with radicals who are “hijacking” Islam, while Republicans understand that this is a real war against savages who are killing any who oppose them.

America is more at war with itself than with the external enemies that are working at destroying us.  Trump and Hillary are now leading the opposing factions in America who see the country from opposite points of view. To the Right, the nation is being destroyed by foreigners who are immigrating to America who don’t want to assimilate to become Americans, but make Americans to assimilate and become like them, and corrupt criminals in Washington are assisting them. To the Left, America is a nation of greedy, racist haters who have imposed themselves on other nations to steal resources from them, and Americans are fearful of progress, fearful of other people, and selfishly refuse to become a nation of the world’s global culture.

The problem with America, leftists believe, is that self-righteous, hateful Christians are resistant to the good sense of atheists and the peaceful religion of Islam. They label terrorists conducting mass shootings, bombings, and genocides as Islamist jihadis. Obama and Hillary say they are not Islamists, but atheists who are trying to incite a war by duping Christians into condemning good Muslims.  Moslems who want to impose Sharia law on the world are good people they say.

Which candidate has the right solution…

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