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Why is it “RACIST” to Question Someone’s Birth Certificate?

Written by iPatriot

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The Democrats are using an intimidation tactic which they are prone to use incessantly. If you question the veracity of a black president’s birth certificate you are racist. That is the outright claim of Lynn Sweet Washington Bureau Chief for the Chicago Sun-Times made on Fox News. Consider the slanted claim that if a president is black and his birth certificate is called into question the conclusion is you must be a racist. What is wrong with this obvious non-sequitur?

First of all, there is evidence the birth certificate presented was altered. This is discounted by the claims that whoever presented this must be racist. Secondly, the social security number presented of Barack Obama was issued in Connecticut where there is no record of him domiciling there. Third, the hospital that issued his birth certificate in Hawaii didn’t exist when it was “issued.” Fourth, an examination of the birth certificate produced several errors that could only be attributed to falsification. Has an unquestioned birth certificate ever been presented?  No, only a cry of racism when the request is made.  They can’t produce an original document and they then rely on the smear of “birther” and racism to substantiate that which they can produce no physical evidence of.  Sadly, Donald Trump has bowed to their…

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