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Liberal Media Agrees That It’s Biased

Recently Politico had a round table with some important figures in the national media. From CNN Jake Tapper, from NBC Kelly O’Donnell, and from the New York Times Mark Leibovich and Peter Baker. The Moderator, Politico’s Mike Allen, asked a simple question of the panel, “Does the Media lean left?”

Every member answered yes.

Now, for conservatives who have been paying attention, this isn’t anything new to us. We’ve known for years that the media was liberal. In fact, we’ve known that they’ve known they were liberal… but this admission by some very respectable members of the journalist class should be a wake-up call to liberals who like to pretend our concerns of a liberal media bias is simple paranoia.

It isn’t.

We are concerned about media bias in reporting because we can see that media bias as we observe news stories each and every day.

Barack-Obama-Liberal-media-BiasJake Tapper believes that the bias isn’t purposeful and that the liberal bias is more complex than a political label. “A certain type of person becomes a reporter, and generally speaking — generally speaking, I’m not saying every reporter in the world — the kind of person who is a reporter in Washington, D.C., or New York City has never worked a minimum-wage job outside of high school, has never experienced poverty, is not an evangelical Christian, like much of the country is,” Tapper said. “There are a lot of experiences that the kinds of people who are reporters, editors, producers in Washington and New York City have not had.”

Mark Leibovich believes it’s partly because the media immerses itself in liberal culture and lifestyle. “Most of my colleagues, I have no idea what their politics are. … But think about it: I live in northwest Washington, none of my neighbors are evangelical Christians, I don’t know a lot of people in my kid’s preschool who are pro-life. When you have conversations, at all the newspapers I’ve worked at, about politics — it doesn’t happen often — but you see clues that there is absolutely a left-wing bias.”

Whatever the reasons for the bent toward liberalism, its existence is not a good thing. It means that reporting must necessarily be done with partiality, and that the whole story is often obfuscated by bias.

Where does society get educated on current events and political issues? The mainstream media.

Media members cannot report justly on everything from social issues to tax policy, because one side is often favored — meaning that, for the most part, the uneducated masses are being educated to agree with the side the media prefers.

Biased reporting makes us weaker as a society. No matter who the bias favors…

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