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2016 Election

Why the TEA Party Has a LEADER in Donald Trump

Written by iPatriot

What do you mean there’s still a TEA Party?  And that crass Trump is their leader?  He may be boorish, but he’s Americans’ best hope for moving the ball back against the liberalism that is destroying America.

Didn’t Obama and Boehner destroy that movement?  Wasn’t that defeated with Ted Cruz?  Didn’t Jeb Bush say he could win without the TEA Party base of the Republican Party?  Haven’t TEA Party conservatives condemned Trump as unworthy?

First off, until you destroy Christianity, patriotism, and capitalism, there will always be a TEA Party.  We are not a political party.  We are AMERICANS!  We still love Ted Cruz.  We still love Rush Limbaugh.  We still love America because Democrats haven’t yet turned it into a socialist banana republic hellhole belonging to the dregs of world culture.  And now we love Trump!

The difference between #NeverTrump conservatives and conservatives is that Never Trumpers believe their purpose is to slow liberalism, while conservatives believe their purpose is to turn it back.  The Never Trumpers don’t believe Trump can lead a conservative movement to push back liberalism and are more willing to give the presidency to Hillary.  This makes them not so conservative as they say when they will join Jeb Bush and promote the most corrupt woman of the party of corruption to continue the Obama agenda.  Many TEA Partiers even cursed Cruz when he accepted the establishment’s endorsement against Trump, which was his downfall in the primaries.

Like the grassroots TEA Party movement, Donald Trump is a grass roots candidate who threw his hat into the political ring for the people.  Many were unsure of Trump’s intentions, but he has made his position clear.  Trump is not as refined as…

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