The Top Two Reasons Progressive Politicians Lie

Written by Nicholas Wishek

There are two reasons progressive leaders lie to their followers and the rest of the nation. First, of course, they have to lie because to do otherwise would be to admit that they are espousing a failed philosophy. Secondly, and more practically, they can get away with it thanks to the progressive control of major news and entertainment media and the intensifying indoctrination of our nation’s college age and younger students over the last few decades by an increasingly progressive public education system.

It should be no surprise that the progressive ideology is fatally flawed. For instance, current progressive economic policies are greatly influenced by the teachings of Karl Marx who made famous the notion that in an ideal society everyone would contribute to the best of their ability and receive whatever they needed if necessary. (“From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”) Progressives also agree with the leaders of the old Soviet Union that since this ideal is not yet possible the State has to step in and control the distribution of goods and services. Therein lays the failure of progressive economic philosophy. If most people won’t work as hard for strangers as they will for themselves on their own, the state isn’t going to be able to force them to do so either.

It didn’t work under threat of force in totalitarian socialist societies like the U.S.S.R. It hasn’t worked under the soft tyranny of present day Western Europe. In the United States it hasn’t worked as demonstrated in bankrupted progressive cities and blue states with massive debt. It didn’t even work for the very religious Pilgrims back in the early 17th century as related in a column by Dr. Harold Pease, The Pilgrim’s Failed Socialist Experiment.  The problem is, as Margaret Thatcher once stated, “The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” What choice do progressive leaders have but to lie about the so-called success of their entitlement programs and kick the can down the road?

The sad truth is that the second reason progressive leaders lie is because they can get away with their lies. That was not always the case. Certainly, politicians have lied to the public overtly and by omission way too often throughout our nation’s history. However, when discovered in their deceptions the publics’ reactions have changed over time as progressive influence over our society has increased. Nixon’s behavior during the Watergate scandal was deplored by both Republicans and Democrats and the majority of Americans. Facing certain impeachment and conviction, Nixon resigned.

Twenty-four years later President Clinton received a very different treatment for very similar behavior. He was impeached by the House on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice. Clinton, unlike Nixon did not resign. His behavior was excused by the media as only about sex and the majority of the public agreed. Ultimately he was not convicted by the Senate and became a Democratic icon. Why? In the ensuing twenty-four years progressive control of the media had dramatically increased.

Consider the more recent contrast in the treatment of President G.W. Bush and President Obama or Hillary Clinton. “Bush lied. People died,” was championed by the media. The accidental outing of Valarie Plame was describe as “Plamegate” by the media and public pressure resulted in a special prosecutor being appointed to investigate the case. Contrast that to the lack of interest in the media about the deliberate lies President Obama told about Obamacare, Fast & Furious, the IRS and Benghazi, or the lies Hillary Clinton has made about her private emails. Oh, and regarding the outing of CIA operatives, in May of 2014 the name of the head of intelligence in Afghanistan was included on the President’s itinerary something even Valerie Plame called “colossally stupid.” These were and are non-stories for the progressive media.

In 2009 the Center for American Progress released a study called New Progressive America: The Millennial Generation. In it they determined that during the 2008 the 18-29 demographic voted for President Obama by a 34 point margin. In the seven years since then that group has only grown. Indoctrination by the media and public education has made it possible for progressive politicians to excuse their policy failures and flat out lie to the public without fear of retribution.

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About the author

Nicholas Wishek

Nicholas Wishek. Retired teacher. 40 years classroom experience. Served in California National Guard 6 years. BA in history, MA in education. Married 35 years. Two sons. Many columns published in OC Register 2009-2014.

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