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2016 Election

Uh-Oh: Hillary’s Campaign Events See “Lower Than Expected Turnout” [PHOTOS]

Written by Philip Hodges

It happens this way so often. The candidate that the establishment wants in power isn’t all that popular. People will vote for the candidate, but they won’t support the candidate. They’ll vote for him – or her – because they feel they have no other choice.

As a result, their candidate spends most of the time going to ritzy fundraisers and wining and dining celebrities. But their campaign events are poorly attended.

Usually, the campaign will compensate for a poorly attended event by hiring people to sit and stand behind the candidate on the stage. The media will focus only on the stage to make it look like there are thousands and thousands of people there. If those same media cameras were to zoom out, there would be a bunch of empty seats.

The American Mirror reported:

National Baptist Convention organizers shrunk the room by one-third after fewer people turned out than expected to hear Hillary Clinton.

Frank Morris, national correspondent for KCUR, tweeted a photo showing a worker moving walls to shrink the meeting room in Kansas City.

A perhaps more brutal image shows a vast amount of empty seats during her speech.

Brian Abel of 41 Action News tweeted several photos showing the cavernous empty room.

Abel also reported organizers turned off lights in larger portions of the hall to make it look smaller:

The popular candidate draws the big crowds, and the media always downplay them.

In the last two presidential elections, Ron Paul would pack standing room only venues with thousands of supporters, and the media would completely ignore them. Romney’s campaign would make these fake “homemade”-looking campaign signs and have people hold them and stand behind the candidate to give the appearance of popularity.

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