Radio Host Mark Levin Has Decided to Vote For This Candidate

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Thunder? Or the voice of an angel? Which sound did Mark Levin hear from Heaven upon the passing of Phyllis Schlafly on Monday? What did we hear? Though obviously she was strongly and deeply admired by Levin, he could not nor would not the following night offer up to his radio audience a rationale for how it came to be two solidly constitutionally grounded individuals could come down so hard on different sides of Trump’s candidacy for the presidency of the United States of America.

That was the big story of Tuesday night’s Levin broadcast. Not that Levin would vote for Trump in November; but that two Constitutionalists had disagreed on a Yuge matter, had remained entrenched in their positions, had fought, and now only one them lived to tell about it. The entrenchment had suddenly, unexpectedly, most inconveniently turned into stone, into permanency, because it was commonly realized Phyllis Schlafly will never say another word on the subject.

She had ended the argument so abruptly. She had walked away with the ball and gone home. Poor Mark, he so wanted to win this particular argument with her: why a true Conservative could never vote for Trump. Instead at the opening of his broadcast he simply repeated, “We had our differences,” over and over again. Perhaps out of reverence for her good name he hesitated, walked away from engaging her position regarding Trump.

It was a moment in time, that evening broadcast, when the thunder or angel’s voice sound was such even mortals could hear it, respond to it. It was similar to a time in Jerusalem when the text quotes Jesus as saying for all to hear…

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