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Clinton Campaign Explains Hillary’s Coughing Fit

Written by Philip Hodges

In Cleveland Monday, Hillary was rudely interrupted by a coughing fit that possessed her for the better part of four minutes. The video is still making the rounds in conservative media circles and has predictably raised concerns about the Democratic nominee’s health and whether she is fit to be President.

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Just as predictably, her campaign and media surrogates rushed to defend the presidential candidate, saying that she has allergies. And not just to Donald Trump.

NBC News reported on the coughing fit and reiterated what Hillary’s campaign had blamed it on:

After the event, campaign aides attributed it to allergies. Allergens were high in Northeast Ohio on Monday, according to

Clinton’s conservative opponents have sought to raise questions about her health, though they have produced no evidence to indicate she is unwell.

A doctor for the Democratic presidential nominee wrote a public letter in July saying she has no serious health issues.

Curiously, that NBC News article no longer references anything about the pollen count or what Hillary’s conservative opponents are saying. The article now simply ends with:  “After the event, campaign aides attributed it to allergies.”

Paul Joseph Watson with also pointed out that the pollen count wasn’t even high on Monday, the day Hillary was seized by a coughing fit.

This was a complete fabrication.

As numerous websites that track daily allergen levels confirmed, grass pollen was low, tree pollen was low and ragweed pollen was moderate. Allergens were not “high,” as Hillary’s campaign and MSNBC claimed.

Mike Cernovich tweeted out:

Others in the media like MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinksi also came to the candidate’s defense, telling her co-host Joe Scarborough not to play footage of Hillary’s coughing fit. “[Trump is] trying to make it look like Hillary Clinton is sick or something because she coughed… I don’t want to show it,” she said.

Likewise, Scarborough sloughed it off as being the result of the heavy demands of a presidential campaign. (You know, all those press conferences can take a toll on someone.) “It’s a tough schedule,” he said. “It’s a really rough schedule and sometimes you cough and do stuff like that.”

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