President Obama is Like Old, Weak Tea

Old Weak Tea

By David Lawrence

It is not polite to say that you hate your superficial, ideological, rigid, anal retentive president. So, because I am rude, I will say it for you.  No, no, hate is a rich emotion and Obama is such a poor imitation of a leader than I can only tepidly dislike him.  I dislike him like old, weak tea.  There are no tea sandwiches, no scones.  He is the Luke warm occasion of betrayal without anger on a wafer of casual mistakes.  You are at the St. Regis Hotel enjoying afternoon tea.  I am with you.  I am talking to a false image of patriotism that is sitting next to us. It is Obama, the little devil.  I don’t mean the little devil affectionately.  He is the devil, stealing democracy from us by executive order and busting our piggy bank into shards of ideological humbug and sharp pieces of narcissistic porcelain. But can you blame him for taking advantage of the votes of women, adolescents and minorities?  A creep is a creep even when he doesn’t creep but blusters into the brine of the naïve populace.  The stupidity of abused democracy rises above aristocracy like the Hindenburg. That is Obama’s face on the disappointed Macy Day Parade’s blimp.

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David Lawrence

David Lawrence

David Lawrence has a Ph.D. in literature. He has published over 200 blogs, 600 poems, a memoir “The King of White-Collar Boxing,” several books of poems, including “Lane Changes.” Both can be purchased on He was a professional boxer and a CEO. Last year he was listed in New York Magazine as the 41st reason to love New York.

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