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2016 Election Corruption Crime

A Partial List of Hillary’s DOCUMENTED Lies, Scandals, and Crimes

Written by iPatriot

As noted above, this is just a partial list (in no particular order) of Hillary’s “documented” lies, scandals and crimes. The reason for compiling and posting this list is so I could have a basis for asking her supporters, “How can you, in good conscious support her”? I understand why people like John Podesto, her campaign chairman support her. He is as corrupt as the Clintons. With him, and everyone in the Clinton orbit, nothing matters but money and power, and none of them will ever have enough of either. None of these people possesses even a “grain” of ethics or integrity or give a “tinkers damn” about America as long as they keep getting more money and power. John Podesto is a prime example of “Clinton people”.  He has been a key Clinton associate since Bill first ran for President. He is a partner, with his brother in a very influential and expensive Washington lobbyist firm with international clients, like a giant Russian financial institution. The Clintons are masters at surrounding themselves with people like John.  As noted earlier I do understand how people like John so devoutly support Hillary, but I do not understand how so many people who do not appear to be like John support her?

Hillary became a disciple of Saul Alinsky during her college years.

Hillary was fired from her first job after law school, working for the Watergate Special Prosecutor, for lying and evidence tampering. She should have been charged with a federal crime and disbarred.

Hillary’s Rose law firm files that were critical to the White Water investigation disappeared.

While she was in Arkansas Hillary made an extraordinary profit on a one time cattle futures trade. $5,000 became…

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