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Hero Saves Baby From Hot Car…CNN Censors His Trump T-Shirt! [VIDEO]

Written by Philip Hodges

Fifty-three-year-old Steve Eckel – a retired police officer – was in a New Jersey Kohl’s parking lot on his way to the store when another customer was walking back to her car from the store. The woman noticed a baby inside a car in the back seat, sweating and screaming with a blanket covering her. Immediately, the two notified employees in Kohl’s and called 911.

But Eckel wasn’t going to risk the baby’s life, waiting for paramedics to show up. He asked a couple passersby if they had a tire iron he could borrow. When they told him they didn’t have anything like that, he remembered that he had a sledgehammer in the back of his vehicle.

He retrieved it, and returned to try to break one of the front door windows. At first, the glass wouldn’t break, but it finally “exploded” when he hit the corner of the window right next to the mirror.

After it shattered, he got the baby girl out of the car – which could have been as hot as 120 degrees Fahrenheit inside.

Eckel brought the baby inside Kohl’s, undressed her down to her diaper, and soaked her in water. At that point, she started looking much better.

The baby’s mother returned to her car with her other older kids, and saw the shattered window, and the empty car seat and panicked. By that time, the police had shown up on the scene, and after identifying her as the mother, asked her to sit on the curb and later arrested her for child endangerment. Police and the two people who saved the girl’s life estimated that the baby was in the car for about 40 minutes. Thanks to those two, the baby girl is still alive.

When CNN sister network HLN – the same network that fired Dr. Drew for questioning Hillary Clinton’s health – interviewed Steve Eckel about the incident, he was wearing a Trump 2016 t-shirt. When HLN first aired the interview, it was plain as day. Take a look:

But when they aired the same interview later, they felt the need to blur his shirt so that no one knew that he supported Donald Trump:

I imagine if he had a Hillary Clinton 2016 shirt, their lead story would have been, “Hillary Clinton Supporter Saves Baby’s Life!” But since he happens to support Trump, viewers don’t need to know that. They wouldn’t want their viewers getting the “wrong idea.”

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