How the Clinton Campaign is Using PSYCHOLOGICAL Warfare

Written by iPatriot

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My Dear Fellow, God Fearing, True US, legal Citizens and Patriots,

I thought I was through writing and posting to support Mr. Trump, because I felt he was on his way to an easy victory, but after this past week’s war like offensive by the Left wing media, the Clinton Group, the RINO’s on the take, and basically all of the US Groups behind tearing down the true meaning of the Constitution and America’s Americana God Inspired culture, I decided to see exactly what their plan was that was working so well against Mr. Trump. I now have the answer.

These power brokers who are intent on destroying America’s Borders, intent on ending America’s right to sovereignty, intent on opening up America to something called a “world citizen, and intent on basically destroying the power of the US Constitution’s law of the land status, are using a psychological war trick that has been used both my America’s war enemies during past wars, and by our War Department during wars. This trick, or psychological war theory has been dubbed war noise attacks.

Here is how it works: During WWII Japan used a lady named, or given the name by the US Military, Tokyo Rose. This lady played music, read captured letters sent to American soldiers, and basically tried to make our soldiers give up and go home. This tactic was also used during the Korean war by the North Koreans, and they took it a step higher by playing loud horns, trumpets, music right before they attacked our men. We have also used this ploy on our enemies, and well to make a long story short, this is what the offensive by both the Clinton Party and the Left wing media. Their offensive, like the psychological offensive used by our enemies on our soldiers started with the Khan man…

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