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2016 Election

What’s More of a Concern: Trump’s Character or Hillary’s Issues?

Written by iPatriot

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While Donald Trump has built his campaign on the issues of the Obama Doctrine that Hillary says she will expand, Clinton has built her campaign on The Donald’s character. It goes without saying that Trump is a character, but is his character unstable as Hillary claims, and is his character more important than the issues?

The Obama Doctrine has been to:

  • tax and regulate businesses to the point that America’s economy is weak and bleeding jobs, not even creating enough to keep up with population growth
  • shut down energy production to make America dependent on foreign oil, and perpetuate the fraud of man-made climate change to reinforce this
  • encourage criminals to riot against police and attack citizens, keep blacks agitated with racist rants and dependent on welfare and thievery
  • allow foreigners free access to American jobs and entitlements by keeping the borders open and not upholding immigration laws
  • suppress our allies to force them to accept Moslem immigrants who disrupt their countries and seek to overthrow their governments
  • give money and weapons to jihadis who have set the Middle East on fire and want to impose Sharia on the world

Hillary wants to continue this and we should be afraid of Trump because he snaps back at nasty tweets?  Where Hillary is an expert in political deception and master of corruption, Trump is a neophyte to Alinsky tactics and must learn to be more…

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