Here’s How to Lower the Unemployment Rate, but Liberals Won’t Admit It

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The Administration says its top priority (after terror, energy and health care and whatever else trips their trigger) is JOBS.  There is blabber about another spending spree ( i.e “stimulus”) which has recently been shown to not create any jobs of any significance. The one issue that is not mentioned or discussed is, “What effect does the Minimum Wage Law have on unemployment?  Another government sacred cow is hidden by obfuscation and silence.

Anybody knows that if you are looking to hire workers and you can’t afford to pay them what the government demands, your only option is to not hire …duh! The government thinks you can hire and lose money and somehow stay in business. After all they do it but they have a printing press (notice Venezuela is devaluing its currency) that they misuse and they think they are getting away with something.

Price controls, subsidies, wage controls and all manipulations of government distort the market (i.e. what people voluntarily want to pay and choose to trade for) so that the only way to work is to enter the black market which in reality is a free market. The Black Market is smeared by politicians to justify their belief they can control who buys or sells at the price they consider fair by testing the winds of who has the most political clout. Businesses arise and succeed by innovation, marketing and maximization of their profits. Governments don’t have a clue about any of this. They only can bribe, corrupt, dictate and…

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