The One Thing Trump Has NEVER Done

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Donald Trump has never broken a campaign promise. And he never will. How soon could he break a campaign promise if it were possible for him to do so? It would be on Inauguration Day, Friday, January 20, 2017. While Obama’s clock is ticking, the clock for Trump has not yet started ticking. That’s the first proof Trump has never broken a campaign promise. Until he holds public office he cannot break a campaign promise, even if he really, really wanted to.

There’s another problem with anyone making the accusation Trump has broken his campaign promises. It takes a politician, or someone hopeful of becoming a politician, to make a campaign promise. Trump is not a politician. Nor has he ever expressed intent to become one. Until he should become a politician or aspire to that which he considers a low profession, he will never make a campaign promise.

What can be said is Trump has made product representations much like a new or used car salesman makes when he barters with a prospective customer who is trying to bring down the price of a sleek looking automobile. In this Trump illustration, little or no difference exists between the auto and the salesman. The salesman and his product are one and the same. But on a car lot, while a salesman can be said to be selling himself as he sells the car to the customer…

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