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Foreign Affairs

Looks Like Obama was Wrong About Syria’s Use of Chemical Weapons

Jeff Dunetz
Written by Jeff Dunetz

Justifiably, Barack Obama caught hell when he drew a red line in the sand warning Syria there will be consequences if it uses chemical weapons, and then doing nothing when they did.  Obama usually responds that it didn’t matter because in the end he got Syrian President Assad to get rid of the weapons. Now we are learning that may be just another Obama lie, investigators are finding traces of Chemical Weapons at Syrian sites:

Foreign Policy magazine is reporting:

The world’s chemical weapons watchdog has repeatedly found traces of deadly nerve agents in laboratories that Syria insisted were never part of its chemical weapons program, raising new questions about whether Damascus has abided by its commitments to destroy all of its armaments, according to a highly confidential new report.

The discoveries of precursors for chemical warfare agents like soman and VX at several undeclared facilities, including two on the outskirts of Damascus, underscored what a 75-page report by the director-general of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) describes as a troubling pattern of incomplete and inaccurate Syrian disclosures over the past three years about the scope of the country’s chemical weapons program.

The report describes the findings as a “troubling pattern of…

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Jeff Dunetz

Jeff Dunetz

Jeff is a Journalist, Blogger and one of the rare Jewish conservatives in a sea of north east liberal Jews (Thanksgiving dinner is a real pip). Jeff was honored with the 2014 Not For Profit Blogger of the Year award by the National Blogger's Club, is editor/publisher of The Lid (, contributing reporter at and Political Columnist for the newspaper, The Jewish Star.

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