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2016 Election History

Term Limits: How Trump is a Lot Like This 1940’s Era President

Written by iPatriot

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Many Americans don’t know that Truman was an early champion for term limits on Congress. When Congress passed a resolution for term limits on the presidency —Truman demanded to know why House and Senate members weren’t included, as well.

True to his nickname of Give ‘Em Hell Harry, Truman added that “there are old time Senators who even make Louis XIV of France and George I of England look like shining liberals.”

In today’s political environment, elected tricksters do all they can to evade term limits. Why would anyone enact a law that will take away his “Livelihood”? The letter from Harry S. Truman is a reminder that we don’t have to settle for the status quo.  Once again, it is time to call for term limits on those politicians that have made a career out of ignoring their constituents.  We the People are merely pawns in their quest for power.

I have to ask why, when Obama has been rebuked by the Supreme Court (more than once) for his inability to grasp the Constitution, misapplying the law, and overstepping his Constitutional Authority, the members of Congress have not taken steps to rein him in. Is Congress being held hostage?  Do they favor tyranny over freedom?

I share with you Truman’s Letter to Congress…

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