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2016 Election Race

MSNBC: Trump’s Appeal to Blacks is “Outrageous!” [VIDEO]

Written by Philip Hodges

Trump’s speech in Charlotte, North Carolina was a pivoting point in his campaign. It was the first speech he gave since hiring on Stephen Bannon and Kellyanne Conway.

In his speech, he even apologized for some the things he’s said in the past, particularly when it caused “personal pain.” That’s a pretty big deal coming from Donald Trump.

Obviously, his speech – which also heavily criticized Hillary Clinton and Democratic Party’s policies toward Blacks – didn’t sit well with liberals. One such liberal is Brad Woodhouse, the president of Correct the Record – a pro-Hillary advocacy group. He said that Trump’s speech, and in particular his appeal to Blacks, was “outrageous.”

MSNBC’s Joy Behar asked Woodhouse what he thought of Trump’s apology. Here’s what he said:

“Well, look, I don’t — I don’t take it to heart very much. I mean, if you listen to the crowd, they didn’t even believe it. They started chanting ‘Trump, Trump, Trump.’ They kind of smiled, like wink, wink. He didn’t apologize for anything specific. It was very tortured. It sounded like it was something he was urged to do to prove this latest campaign shake-up represents a real pivot. But I think it’s hard to take somebody at their word that they regret anything, who has so repeatedly offended people and lied throughout the course of the campaign.”

Here’s how he reacted to Trump’s appeal to Blacks:

“Well, that is completely outrageous. I mean, let’s remember here, here’s someone who was in Wisconsin the other day, talking, you know, talking about a — a good game about the African-American community in front of an audience that was 95 to 99% white. He’s rejected every invitation to speak before African-American audiences, NAACP and others. And here’s someone who lived in birtherism. Joy, this birtherism against President Obama was nothing more than a dog whistle to tea party voters at the time, to say that the president is an other. He was other. He was muslim, he was Kenyan, and he was black. So this is an unbelievable from Donald Trump. You can’t trust him on these issues.”

As if Hillary Clinton hasn’t lied? As if she hasn’t exploited the Black community and other minorities for their votes? She’s a seasoned politician. That’s what she does. She lies, steals, and cheats to get what she wants.

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