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Flashback: Tim Kaine Called for Bill Clinton to Resign After Lewinsky Affair [VIDEO]

Written by Philip Hodges

Senator Tim Kaine accepted Hillary Clinton’s offer of being her running mate, but interestingly, Kaine was critical of her philandering husband – even to the point of saying that he should have resigned following his affair(s).

It was in 2002 that then-Lieutenant Governor Tim Kaine made his comments in the context of another scandal that rocked his home state of Virginia. The state’s speaker of the house Vance Wilkins – a Republican – was found to have paid a female employee of his $100,000 to keep quiet about his sexual advances and harassment against her. From the Daily Beast:

The woman, Jennifer Thompson, alleged privately that Wilkins groped her and pinned her against office furniture. She considered pressing charges, according to a Washington Post report that broke the news on June 7, 2002. But she ultimately decided not to, accepting the $100,000 from Wilkins and signing a confidentiality agreement. The Post cited “sources familiar with the settlement” in their report on it. Wilkins held—and still holds, as he stated in an interview with The Daily Beast—that he didn’t sexually harass Thompson, and that he only paid her to keep her allegations from becoming a scandal that would have undermined Republicans’ efforts to control the House.

After news of the scandal broke, top Republicans called for Wilkins to resign. Tim Kaine also joined in, stating at that time, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch: “If the allegations are true, he should definitely resign.”

“That is an intolerable way to treat women, and it’s not something that the state should be dragged through,” he added.

An Associated Press article at the time quoted him as stating: “When I read it this morning, my reaction was the same I had when I read about the Clinton-Lewinsky affair: this is not appropriate conduct. It’s beneath the dignity of the office.”

He is, of course, totally right. That kind of behavior is beneath the dignity of the office. But it appears that when faced with the prospect of being second-in-command of the country, he’s more than willing to put those differences aside.

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