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2016 Election

Why I’m Voting for Evan McMullin for President

Written by iPatriot

IT is never an easy path when choosing the person to lead the greatest nation God has created. But we must start somewhere, and the question is what are the reasons to support or not support a candidate?

This year the race has been anything but boring, and now we are down to less than 90 days and have choices. Do we choose Principles and integrity, a person who states exciting words that insult or divide Americans into groups, or do we choose the one capable of criminal activity that is so well hidden, that nothing sticks to them?

I prefer a person who has a record of defending America, over one who has abused the laws of America.I prefer a person who strives to honor the Constitution and not one who tries to corrupt, destroy, or rape the Consitution for their own good.

We know that the criminally inept Hillary stood by and watched Americans being killed in a most gruesome way at Benghazi when she had the ability to order assistance. We know that Hillary, believing she was above the law took her emails and created her own server to circumvent government scrutiny. We know that Hillary has been well acquainted with several dozen people who have come to an early death due to uncommon causes. Each of them had only one thing in common, the acquaintance of Hillary and Bill, or both.

We know that the mentally inept Donald Trump has had his fair share of criminal activity from racketeering to soliciting funds for a…

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