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Russian President Explains Who the “Founder” of ISIS Really Is

Written by iPatriot

When the massive Hillary Clinton Political Action Committee (HC-PAC) (aka, the national news media) went berserk over Donald Trump’s campaign rally claim that Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton “founded” ISIS, you’d have thought he’d said something really stupid, like, for example, “Al Gore founded the internet.”

But the Clinton media PAC lives in its own reality. While any normal person understood Trump as correctly blaming Obama-Clinton’s utterly disastrous US foreign policy in Northern Africa and the Middle East for the rise of ISIS, the “usual suspects” are simply incapable of grasping that clear connection with such clarity.

Certainly, Russia’s Vladimir Putin understands Trump’s perception. Several years ago, Putin noted the Obama administration’s role in the rise and success of ISIS.

Here is a transcription of the translation of Vladimir Putin speaking about the Obama administration’s role in the rise of ISIS:

I’ve said this before. Another threat that President Obama mentioned was ISIS. Well, who on earth armed them?

Who armed the Syrians that were fighting with Assad?

Who created the necessary political/informational climate that facilitated this situation?

Who pushed for the delivery of arms to the area?

Do you really not understand as to who is fighting in Syria? They are mercenaries, mostly. Do you understand they are paid money? Mercenaries fight for whichever side pays more.

So they arm them and pay them a certain amount. I even know what these amounts are.

So they fight, they have the arms, you can’t get them to return the weapons of course, at the end. Then they discover…

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