How Trump is a Repeat of the Reagan Revolution

Written by iPatriot

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There is a tide in the affairs of men
Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune …
On such a full sea are we now afloat …

Brutus, Julius Caesar Act 4, scene 3; William Shakespeare

The Tide  

On May 3, 1979 Margaret Thatcher became the first woman Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.  The Conservative party, led by Baroness Thatcher, had defeated the Labour Party and its leader James Callaghan. This was a major Conservative victory in British politics, for a season.

Margaret Thatcher’s election turned out to be a portent of the coming election of Ronald Reagan in 1980 here in America.  Reagan’s defeat of Democrat Jimmy Carter was a major conservative victory in American politics, for a season.

A conservative tide had flowed across the Atlantic from England to America.

But tides flow and ebb and, as noted above, the conservative tide lasted for a season only, in both nations.Reagan Vs Trump2 Youtube

But conditions today are right for a conservative tide again to flow from England to America, impelled again by the disastrous consequences of liberal policies in both nations.

On June 24 of this year the British people voted, to the dismay and disbelief of One-World liberals everywhere, to leave the European Union. This was the famous Brexit vote.  The horror of uncontrolled Muslim immigration into England was a major, and probably decisive, factor in the vote.

Brexit was a major conservative victory in British politics. Labour Party Prime Minister James Callaghan was forced to resign, and Conservative Party leader Theresa May became the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, just as Maggie Thatcher had done in 1979 setting the stage for Ronald Reagan.

The parallel continues.Like Ronald Reagan before him, Donald Trump is…

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