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Hillary: “Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Businesses Create Jobs!”

Written by iPatriot

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Hillary Clinton is a politician. Worse, she is a “progressive” politician. Her economics acumen could fill a thimble, and just barely. She is a politician who “promises” to invent out of whole cloth, good, high-paying jobs. (How? By waving a magic wand?)

If you remember, Hillary Clinton is the politician that told everyone, “Don’t let anyone tell you businesses create jobs.”

This dovetailed with another establishment progressive politician that said, “You didn’t build that.”

No, women and men working eighteen-hour days to realize their dreams of independence as small business owners are busy making their companies successful enough to turn a profit, a year or two in. Women and men who are the last to be paid because the employees have to be paid first. These women and men making sacrifices of family, friends, to work long hours only to have the IRS tax them at the individual rate. No!!! They didn’t build that.

As every faculty lounge lizard understands, the businesses in town would have no ability to advertise, market, and supply products or services if there wasn’t already infrastructure in place. Roads, bridges, sewage systems, and trash pickup, to name a few examples.

What the faculty lounge lizards conveniently forget is the infrastructure was paid for by…

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