How DEMOCRATS Got Richer From Obama’s Economy

Written by iPatriot

Hillary is busy damning the rich for getting richer over the last eight years while the economy stagnated under Obama’s Democrat policies, while Obama has been crowing over his “economic growth.”  This two-faced lie is a façade that covers up who really got richer under Democrat rule – the government.  Clinton says 90% of the pay increases have gone to the rich, and those who pay attention know that Middle Class incomes have declined 10%.  Hillary says she knows how to get the economy going, but there is a secret to the Democrat economy of which the common person has no clue.

The Secret to Democrat’s Economic Wealth

The truth is that those wealthy corporate magnates that Hillary and Obama are saying have been getting so rich haven’t made a penny extra in the last eight years.  All that extra money they’ve been paying themselves has gone to Democrats as new taxes.  As the owner of a business, wouldn’t you believe that you should make more money that the people you employ?  When those business owners that Democrats curse as not “paying their fair share” have their taxes raised, and at the same time are forced by government to pay their employees more, do you think they are going to shell out all that money from their own pockets?  No, they pay themselves more to cover the losses.

The extra money they’ve been paying themselves has all gone to the government – to Democrats!  This is socialism at work, and even a thirteen year old understands what socialism means; that those who lay around on their couches doing drugs all day get the same amount of money as those who go to work and struggle every day.  The government takes that money and redistributes it through welfare, food stamps, Social Security disability, and ObamaCare.  And they provide these by raising taxes on both the rich AND the Middle Class!

Democrats will tell you that these programs are necessary for…

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