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2016 Election

Medical Team Weighs in on Hillary’s Brain Problems [VIDEO]

Written by Philip Hodges

We all know Hillary has mental issues, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about actual neurological problems that the Democratic nominee may be experiencing, but refuses to disclose for obvious political reasons.

Recently, the Drudge Report posted a picture of Hillary Clinton being assisted by two men up a few steps. Drudge’s headline that accompanied the picture linked to her recent health episodes including falls, concussions, blood clots, a broken elbow, and others.

The Sean Hannity Show reached out to the Clinton campaign to ask about the picture and the Drudge headlines, but they’d only comment on how “shameful” the Drudge Report and Hannity were for their “vitriol.” Curiously, they didn’t offer any comment on the Democratic nominee’s health.

According to one of Hannity’s guests Dr. Marc Seigel, “the public has a right to know.” He continued:

“We’re talking in 2008, Sean, I looked over a thousand pages of John McCain’s records because of a melanoma he had 10 years ago. What about Hillary? In 2009, a severe fall. She breaks her elbow. In 2011, she boards a plane, falls. In 2012 she has a severe, concussion which Bill Clinton says took her six months to recover from.

“Then she ends up with a blood-clot in the brain and a lifetime of blood thinners. Just that point alone — if she’s prone to falling, you can see from that picture up there that it looked like she can barely get upstairs without two people carrying her. Guess what if she falls and hits her head? She’ll get a blood-clot.”

“I want to know what her neurological records show.”

Hannity’s other guest Dr. David Samadi also weighed in:

“The picture going up the stairs speaks a million words. Is she fatigued? Is she dehydrated? One of the main reasons she fell in 2012 and had the concussions was severe dehydration. They’re holding her and going up the stairs. So she may be really dehydrated, she may have arthritis, she may have back pain, she may have fallen again. We don’t know. There are questions that are unanswered. What we know today is she’s on thyroid medication, she suffers from hypothyroid, low thyroid, that can cause fatigue and gaining weight and all of that.”

Hannity brought up a recent Gateway Pundit article that showed pictures of Hillary’s handler carrying a diazepam pen – a medical device for those who experience seizures. “I think a traumatic brain injury with symptoms down the road is very, very likely here especially since she had a blood-clot on her brain,” Dr. Seigel responded. “As David mentioned that could lead to a seizure problem. Someone is carrying a [diazepam] pen that you’d use in case of a seizure, a Valium pen, that makes me wonder about that.”

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