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2016 Election Homosexuality

Guess Who Orlando Shooter’s Dad Supports for President?

Written by Philip Hodges

It’s nothing new or surprising that Bill and Hillary Clinton and their foundation have made millions of dollars from Middle Eastern countries that have laws that are openly hostile to homosexuals – laws which liberals claim to be repulsed by.

But when it comes to taking money, they’ll get it anyway they can, and they don’t care where it comes from.

It’s like all those businesses that wanted to “take a stand” against North Carolina over their bathroom bill by leaving the state. While liberals were championing PayPal, Apple, Coco-Cola, and others for their righteous indignation, it was revealed that these same companies have no problem doing business in other countries, again, where there are laws that are openly hostile toward homosexuals. And those laws are nothing compared to North Carolina’s bathroom law, which only required what has been bathroom policy for over a century – up until now.

Given that that’s the way liberals are, it’s no surprise to find out that Orlando murderer Omar Mateen’s father is a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter. He was spotted by local media outlet WPTV at a Hillary Clinton rally in Kissimmee, Florida, positioned right behind the Democratic nominee:

Following the mass murder in Orlando at a homosexual nightclub, Mateen’s dad Seddique released a video, in which he said that God will punish homosexuals:

What’s controversial is not what Seddique said about homosexuality. It’s that the Democratic Party has no problem accepting him into their fold, when they claim that such notions outrage them. Conservatives are “anti-gay” “homophobes,” according to liberals. Yet, if one of those same people whom they’d ordinarily label as being “homophobic” joins their ranks, they’re happy to have them.

If Seddique had instead voiced his support for Donald Trump, you know the media would have had a heyday with it, and talk about yet another “anti-LGBT” “bigot” supporting Donald Trump. Then they’d harp on Trump to get him to “disavow” any statements made by Seddique about homosexuality.

Think that’ll happen this time? Nah. It won’t even be brought up.

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