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2016 Election Government

Confessions of a Former Federal Employee, and Why I SHOULD Support Hillary

Written by iPatriot

I should be a Hillary supporter. But I’m not. Here’s why.

I should support Hillary because I’m the successful product of big government – government that’s ceaselessly expanded even under Republicans — but with the Democrats consistently lighting-off the turbocharger of governmental growth whenever they have power. I worked as a federal employee for 26 years, mostly inside the Beltway. Subsequent to that career, I’ve consulted for numerous companies and spent lots of time around K Street – the term used as a synonym for the professional lobbyists who encourage legislators, regulators and the president to do their bidding. The system has left me well off and I know a lot of others just like me. Yet we’ve produced little of value for America. Not because we didn’t want to do so, but because two major issues stood in the way. First, we had to serve ourselves first. That meant not making waves and working hard at whatever we are assigned, whether it’s of value or not. It meant seeking credit for successes and running from failures. It meant working especially hard at those opportunities that might make us happier, wealthier or that might help us get ahead in the bureaucracy and/or that set us up to be of great value to industry once we left government. (Why do you suppose most long-time Senators and Representatives stay there after they are done in the Congress?) Indeed, the “system” is so profoundly corrupt it couldn’t function if it wasn’t corrupt. Second, government is inherently grossly inefficient and as I hinted at before, too-often ineffective.

But I suspect that despite President Obama’s non-productive policies and downgrading of America overseas, that our nation will last for at least a decade or more, hopefully until after I’m dead and gone. Plus I know how to get even better off so long as Hillary continues along the paths paved by Obama.

So what’s my problem?

I can’t support Hillary because…

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