You Won’t Believe How Many People Showed up to See Trump at His Latest Rally [VIDEO]

Written by Philip Hodges

You wouldn’t know it by listening to the radio or watching television news media, but Donald Trump was able to attract over 15,000 people at his latest rally in Jacksonville, Florida. This is significant, because most of what we’re hearing in the news now is how Hillary’s got a huge boost following the show the Democrats put on at their convention. Her numbers increases were predictable, and they’ll eventually come back down to where they were. Trump experienced the same bump following the Republican National Convention.

While the media are trying hard to portray Trump as a walking scandal with a big mouth and a bad “temperament” – as if Hillary doesn’t have any of those problems – in reality, he’s got a lot of support from everyday people.



Others weighed in:


At Hillary’s rally in Omaha, Nebraska, local media reported that she drew over 3,300. The image they used to accompany their reporting was rather deceptive. It was an up-close picture of a cheering crowd.

Here was a picture of the same event, just a few steps back from the crowd. It gives you a slightly different perspective:

As with most of these kinds of cases, the truth is somewhere in the middle. Updated photos of Hillary’s Omaha rally show that there were many attendees in the bleachers, out of the camera’s line of sight.

But “over 3,300?” You be the judge.

The truth is, however, photos and videos of Trump’s rally didn’t have to be doctored or manipulated in some way to make it look as though his support is overwhelming. His support is just overwhelming. As for Hillary’s, well, she probably has to pay a lot of people to come just for the media cameras.

H/T:  Breitbart & Conservative Outfitters

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