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Local Leaders Condemn “White Lives Matter” Rally in New York

Written by Philip Hodges

We already know how racist it is to say that all lives matter. Saying that white lives matter is even worse.

Liberals are allowed to have their Congressional Black Caucus and Black Panthers and NAACP and all the rest. They’re championed as “civil rights” organizations. But if there were a Congressional White Caucus, everyone knows how that would go over with other politicians and the media. It would be called a hate group and labeled as such by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

A White Lives Matter rally was planned for Saturday at Cazenovia Park in Buffalo, New York. While local leaders had not planned on blocking it or preventing it from taking place, they did denounce it.

State Senator Tim Kennedy (D-Buffalo) said that “its organizers should be ashamed of themselves and any message they intend to deliver.”

The rally was organized by white neo-Nazis.

The Buffalo Common Council President Darius Pridgen – a black man – stated, “The white race has not lost any civil rights that I know of as a nationality, as a color of people, so to compare the Black Lives Matter and the White Lives Matter in such a tainted way is unfortunate but it is the reality of how some people think.”

Nevertheless, as much as Pridgen doesn’t like what White Lives Matter is doing, he said that it is their right to demonstrate: “There is a right of all American citizens to gather so the city would not be able to stop it just because some might not agree with their message.”

“For these people to be open about what they feel, I think that’s fine,” Pridgen said. “Now do I agree with their message? Absolutely not.”

The White Lives Matter demonstration was organized by Rebecca Barnett from Tennessee, who’s also a part of the “National Socialist Movement.”

“We’re trying to get people up and motivated and back out in the community working together,” Barnett told TWC News. “Not just in the school system but with neighborhood watch programs and community block parties.”

She continued, “Rebuilding society the way it should be, to put us back at the top. I mean, America first and foremost, but yes I mean putting white people back up at the top.”

I think we can all agree to denounce White Lives Matter and the National Socialist Movement as much as we denounce Black Lives Matter.

But if it were a black person organizing a Black Lives Matter rally, talking about “getting [black] people up and motivated and back out in the community together,” and putting black people “back up at the top,” it would have been fine.

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