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This is What Changed NYC Teacher’s Mind About Guns in School

Written by Philip Hodges

It was at the end of last semester that New York City school teacher Mary Anne Marcella experienced her first lockdown. During those five long minutes, her opinion of guns in schools changed.

While she hoped that it was a false alarm, she knew that it very well could have been a real threat. She did what she was trained to do in a lockdown situation. She closed and locked the classroom door, and covered up the door window. She concealed the other windows in the room, turned off the lights, and gathered all 30 of her students into a corner away from door. There they all waited for nearly five minutes, which to them seemed like an eternity.

Mary Anne recalled that after a minute, she assured herself that the whole thing was a false alarm. But after two minutes, she could see the worry on her young students’ faces. She tried to reassure them that everything was going to be fine.

In an op-ed for American Thinker, she wrote, “I almost hated myself for giving them what could have been a false sense of security.” She said that though she “resented feeling defenseless,” her main concern was “protecting in the event of the unthinkable.”

“My heart sank as I realized that I couldn’t,” she wrote.

During the lockdown, other thoughts and concerns occupied her mind. How long would it take the cops to arrive? Would it even matter? Had someone even called the cops?

Then, she heard walking in the hallway. And then it got quiet. Too quiet. It was at that moment that she realized that the only thing that would give her a truly fighting chance if faced with the unthinkable…is a gun.

The five minutes finally ended, and as it turned out, it was indeed a false alarm.

She told Breitbart News that she knows the idea of arming teachers in her state of New York – and in particular, New York City – would never happen. But, “if people actually gave it thought like I did, maybe they would see the need,” she added. “If people actually sat down and thought about it, they might say, ‘Hmmm, it is true that the only way we would be able to do anything is if we had a gun.’”

She’s right that such an idea would never materialize in New York. Liberals would rather risk the lives of students and teachers than give school officials the tools they need to defend themselves and others against potential mass murderers. They’d rather deal with a bunch of murder victims than allow people to carry concealed weapons. They’d rather instruct teachers to throw objects like chairs, fire extinguishers, canned goods, and books at mass murderers. Anything but guns.

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