Tim Kaine Said This is Why he Flip-Flopped on Same-Sex Marriage [VIDEO]

Written by Philip Hodges

Hillary’s vice presidential running mate Senator Tim Kaine is one of scores of politicians who were against same-sex marriage before they were for it. Even Hillary was against it as recently as 2012, officially announcing her support of it for the first time in 2013. Obama came out not long before that.

When people voice their opposition to same-sex marriage today, they’re called bigots and homophobes. And all those Democrats who were opposed to it in recent years aren’t looked at as “flip-floppers.” They simply “changed their views”…at coincidentally, politically opportune times. Only Republicans can be flip-floppers.

Tim Kaine’s no different. He licks his finger to see which way the wind is blowing. He also claims to be Catholic and claims his views come from his “deep Christian faith.” He is after all from Virginia. Claiming to be a Christian helped him – and continues to help him – get elected.

What helped him get elected as Governor of Virginia was being opposed to same-sex marriage. He was opposed to it in 2005 when he was campaigning, and a short year later, he conveniently found himself in favor of it. Funny how that works. They campaign on one thing to get elected. Once they’re in, they invest the rest of their time consulting with experts about how to “spin” all their ensuing flip-flops.

This is how Tim Kaine spun his flip-flop on same-sex marriage. He claimed that those who were opposed to it by the time he was elected Governor in 2006 were trying to “make the state a hostile place.” Therefore, he became in favor of it.

Here’s what he said in an interview with Good Morning America on Thursday:

“You know, on marriage equality I got tell you, in my first year as governor my legislature decided to put one of those same-sex — marriage is between a man and woman issues on the ballot and the more I listened to the reason they wanted to do it the more I realized I can’t be with those guys.

“Because they’re doing it to try to make the state a hostile place for people I care about, and so I campaigned against the marriage amendment in ’06 and been over on the side of, wait a minute, we just can’t discriminate against people. I’m a Progressive in the south and that may be different than being a Progressive in Vermont or a Progressive in Oregon.”

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