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VIDEO: CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Drinks Wine, Dances Following Hillary’s Coronation

Written by Philip Hodges

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and Chief Political Analyst Gloria Borger drank wine and danced to Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” at Hillary’s party.

I have to admit, I watched some of the DNC Convention Thursday night. I turned on the TV just as Chelsea Clinton was talking about dinosaurs.

Throughout the week, the narrative was predictable and had been a repeat of when Barack Obama won his party’s nomination in 2008. “America’s first black major party nominee.” Of course, the media propelled Obama to victory using his race. He won, because people felt good about voting for the first black president – well, he’s mixed race. And some would argue that he actually wasn’t the first black president. Bill Clinton was. But what difference at this point does it make?

Now, it’s the first female major party nominee.

(The third parties don’t count. After all, this isn’t a “democracy” in the sense that everyone gets a voice. The fake two-party system would never allow such a thing.)

Now, some would argue that if Hillary wins, she actually wouldn’t be the first female president. If you recall, there was a popular bumper sticker from the 90’s that read: “Impeach the president…and her husband too!”

As long as Hillary continues to “identify” as a woman, most – particularly in the media – will refer to her as the first female nominee in a major party. And here, I thought we weren’t supposed to judge on the basis of race or sex. If all they truly wanted was equality, then that would mean they wouldn’t be treated any differently from anyone else. But they don’t want that. They want the privilege of using their gender and race – neither of which they had anything to do with – to rise to the top.

Here’s Wolf Blitzer and Gloria Borger celebrating “history”:

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