Only the Obama Administration Could Think Failure is Success

Apparently we live in the Bizarro world where good is bad so therefore bad must be good. That is the only way that I can explain how Democrat faithful would be happy with this recent report from the Obama administration about Obamacare.

The Obama administration says that 365,000 people chose health care plans using Obamacare websites by the end of November.

Um. So 365,000 is certainly better than 0. But is it in any way shape or form good? No.

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Over five million people have LOST their health insurance, and the word is that millions more (perhaps upwards of 50 MILLION more) will likely be losing their insurance in the very near future. So 365,000 is really no great shakes.

obamaliedAlso, this 365,000 number is the number of people who have selected plans. It’s not actually the number of people who have signed up and are now covered by Obamacare. See, your insurance doesn’t actually kick in until you have paid for your insurance with the company who is insuring you. So this 365,000 that the Obama administration has put out there is extremely misleading.

What’s more, there are continuing problems with the website’s “back end,” which is supposed to share enrollment information with insurance companies. As recently as last week, 1 in 10 enrollment notices contained an error.

Despite those problems, Hash says the administration is “on track” to meet its target of signing up 7 million insurance customers by the end of March, when the enrollment period ends.

How can the administration think that anyone could possibly buy this “on track” business? All along the liberal media has been telling us that the administration predicts a surge of enrollees at the 11th hour. Keeping that in mind, they established benchmarks for enrollment along the way. They expected that by the end of October they would have enrolled 500,000 people and that by the end of November they would have enrolled about 1.2 million.

Well November is over and they’ve only had 350,000 people choose plans (that’s not enrolling, by the way).

Yet the administration says they’re right “on track?” Sounds fishy to me…

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