Liberals Support Paul Ryan as Hillary’s VP [VIDEO]

Written by Philip Hodges

Anything that ridiculous must involve Mark Dice. Indeed, it does.

Mark Dice is not exactly in an area with highly intelligent people, which makes for great prank videos. He goes around San Diego, California along the beach and asks passersby questions usually about current events and politics. Not surprisingly, most people are pretty clueless. They’ll believe just about anything.

Of course, most of them were familiar with Hillary Clinton and were probably planning on voting for her in November – if they could remember to show up at the right place at the right time.

But name recognition is about as far as their knowledge extends. And that’s probably just the way the Democrats want it.

Mark Dice asked people if they were supportive of Hillary’s running mate – whom he said was Paul Ryan.

“I think it’s a nice partnership, and – that’s a strong partnership for America,” one resident told Dice. He thought the “partnership” was needed “to get enough votes to become president.”

“Any comments on Paul Ryan being [Hillary’s] vice president now?” Mark Dice asked a shirtless beach goer. “Cool! Best of luck. That’s it!” he replied. When asked what ideas Ryan would bring to the table, the man said, “Honestly, I’m not really into poli– I don’t know much about Paul Ryan, to tell you the truth.”

One guy remembered that Paul Ryan is a Republican, but still seemed to fall for the joke that he was selected to be Hillary’s running mate. “I think it could help her, yeah,” he said. “I think having a Republican could broaden her base.”

Dice asked a young woman about Hillary choosing Paul Ryan as her vice president. “I mean, I’ve heard a little bit about him, but I don’t really know too much on his background,” she said. “I mean, I guess it could potentially be helpful, just because he’s someone that has a lot of name recognition. But I don’t really know too much about him, to be honest.”

Of course, Dice had to put in just one interview at the end with someone who knew enough to know that Dice was full of it. Take a look:

No one seemed to care or notice that his shirt had “Hitlary” emblazoned on it above an image of Hillary sporting a Hitler mustache.

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