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2016 Election

These 4 Things Outline Hillary’s Legacy

Written by iPatriot

When faced with a serious problem an individual might place a call to a problem solver, an expert in the field, a consultant. The problem might be a serious health concern, a pending bankruptcy, or simply a car broken down alongside a highway. The rescuer arrives. He interacts with both the individual who called him and the problem patient, business, or vehicle. Finally the person in need asks…. What will he ask? Will it be the first question or the next question?

Can you? That is the first question. Will you? How much will it cost me? What stands in the way for you to help me? Those are next questions. Sometimes the first question can be unspoken, not asked. The rescuer has a good reputation, has good references, or has a way about him promising an overwhelming competence for the task. We can be sure the first question is always asked. It’s just that occasions arise when the first question does not need to be voiced.

Donald Trump last night in his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland proclaimed, “This is the legacy of Hillary Clinton: death, destruction, terrorism, and weakness.”So we ask, “Can Hillary Undo Her Legacy of Death, Destruction, Terrorism, and Weakness?”

It’s a first question. Not a next question. Does she have abilities, competencies, skills, experiences, or leadership-like qualities that can undo the frightful legacy Donald Trump has firmly and relentlessly attached to her? Does Hillary Clinton have the resourcefulness to…

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