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Why Europe Needs This Middle Eastern Country to Survive

Written by iPatriot

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We are well aware of the many ISIS or ISIS-inspired attacks throughout Europe. It is interesting that since the rise of ISIS, these attacks appeared directed at the European infidels and not just the long-proclaimed enemy of Islam – Israel.

Not that there are continuing attacks on the Jewish state – there are as there have always been. But recently they have taken a backseat to the mass carnage inflicted upon Europe and the United States by the Islamic State.

But why? Hasn’t it always been the number one cause of Muslims to avenge the oppression of the poor displaced Palestinians and drive the Jews out of Israel and into the sea? Has that not been the clarion call of all Muslims since 1948?

Heck, even individual European nations as well as the EU have, for want of a better term, conspired with Muslim nations and terrorist organizations to take down Israel.

For decades, “Europe had a cushy arrangement – all the world’s jihadists were so fixated on Israel that they were willing to overlook long-standing hatreds against ‘Crusader’ Europe, as long as Europe would help them wage war on Israel.”

Countries including Switzerland, Germany, France and Italy “sought deals under which Palestinian terrorists would operate freely in their countries – usually without fear of arrest, but with swift release guaranteed if arrest were necessitated by American pressure – and in exchange, the terrorists wouldn’t attack those countries.”

All they had to do was make sure that the terrorists remain fixated on the Jewish state by maintaining a steady drumbeat of anti-Israel outrage.

But now things are different. There’s a new Jihadi in town…

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