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Listen to Why This Black Man Thinks “Trump is Sent From God” [VIDEO]

Written by Philip Hodges

One of the speakers at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio was Jamiel Shaw – a man who happens to be black. He told a heart-wrenching story about his 17-year-old son Jamiel “Jazz” Shaw II who was murdered in Los Angeles in 2008 by an illegal alien. It was this story that led him to support Donald Trump.

According to the police, the teen Jamiel was walking home when two Latino men got out of their car and asked the boy what gang he was a part of. When Jamiel didn’t answer, they shot him.

The coroner testified in court years later that Jamiel was shot in the stomach, and while he was bleeding out on his back, he had his hands up covering his head. They shot his hand, and the bullet went through his head.

Not surprisingly, at the time of the murder – before the details of the murderer were known – the elder Jamiel said he had the support of local politicians and “every black politician in L.A.” They even put up a permanent memorial for the young Jamiel.

But as soon as it was revealed that the murderer was an illegal immigrant from Mexico – just two weeks after the boy’s death – “the politicians disappeared.”

According to Jamiel, the killer was an “illegal alien gangbanger from Mexico released from jail with a deportation hold, three gun charges, and assault and battery on a police officer.”

Just four years ago in 2012, the District Attorney proved that the gang the murderer belonged to targeted black males. The younger Jamiel was targeted and killed because of the color of his skin.

“You’d think Obama cared, and black lives mattered. No,” Shaw said. “Only Trump called me on the phone one day to see how I was doing. Only Trump will stand against terrorists and end illegal immigration,” Shaw said. “Only Trump mentions Americans killed by illegals.”

The elder Jamiel concluded: “I’ll say it again like I said it before. Trump is sent from God.”

H/T:  CNS News

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