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2016 Election

Why I’m Still #NeverTrump and Always Will Be

Written by iPatriot

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I am a conservative, have been longer than many who are all up in arms about #nevertrump have even been alive. I have never voted for, supported for, or spoke in a positive light any Democrat, and I never will. I will not vote for Donald Trump for so many reasons, but I will speak in a more general manner so everyone can grasp the reasoning.

First, I always believed that Republicans believed in less control, less government, and allowed you to live and work as you wished. Donald Trump has many liberal views including a social health program, the Planned parenthood funding, tax imports to create higher goods, and then he tells us that he wants to change the first amendment. Where are these on any platform that any Republican Convention have these liberals ideals been espoused?

I loved Ronald Reagan, remember the crying during JFK shooting, and the Nixon scandal. Never have I been so embarrassed by two parties as these two this year. The Democrats are offering a person who has a questionable past if not criminal, while the Republicans offer a bombastic arrogant and hateful person. Words are words, and deeds are deeds. And these two candidates both not only have lied several times over and over but have proven their criminal nature in their actions.

I watched in disgust on Monday a party that was so scared of…

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