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Police Association Head: Obama “Has Blood on His Hands!” [VIDEO]

Written by Philip Hodges

In an interview with Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner, the president of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association Steve Loomis explained that the slayings of police officers of late started with divisive rhetoric perpetrated by President Obama.

Loomis said that the President “has blood on his hands, and it will not be able to come washed off.” Here’s what he said:

The president of the Untied States validated a false narrative and the nonsense that Black Lives Matter and the Media are pressing out there to the public — He validated with his very divisive statements And now we see an escalation.

This has got to end.

We need some leadership in this country to come forward and put an end to this.

I don’t care if it’s clergy or who it is but somebody has to step up and put an end to this. It’s false narrative and people politicizing the false narrative that we have a President of the United States and the governor of Minnesota making a statement less than one day after the police involved shootings.

Those police involved shootings are what absolutely has triggered in rash of senseless murders of law enforcement officers across the country. It is reprehensible.

The president has blood on his hands and it will not be able to come washed off…

How the hell did we ever become the bad guys in this country? I can not imagine how we got here. It is the irresponsible reporting of the media and irresponsible statements from people who are credible – like the president, like celebrities.

President Obama reacted to the shooting in Baton Rouge that left three officers dead, saying, “Around the clock news cycles and social media sometimes amplify these divisions.” He added, “That is why it is so important that everyone – regardless of race or political party or profession, regardless of what organizations you’re a part of – everyone right now focus on words and actions that can unite this country rather than divide it further.”

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