Guess Who’s Leading in the Latest LA Times Poll?

Written by Philip Hodges

Even the Los Angeles Times is acknowledging that Hillary’s email scandal is taking a toll on the candidate.

For months, Hillary led in presidential matchup polls with Donald Trump. Some polls even had her with a double-digit lead.

However, ever since the email scandal broke – and particularly ever since FBI Director James Comey’s decision not to prosecute – Hillary’s support has been falling, and Trump’s has been growing.

In a new poll from the LA Times, Trump had a 3-point lead over Hillary, 43-40. From the LA Times:

Donald Trump has taken an apparent slim lead over Hillary Clinton, based on strong support from white voters, particularly men.

That finding, from a USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times Daybreak tracking poll, a new survey that begins publication Friday, marks a significant shift in a race that most polls indicated Clinton has led since mid-May.

It comes amid a flurry of other surveys, both nationally and in battleground states, that show support for the former secretary of State declining since last week when FBI Director James B. Comey characterized her handling of classified material while in that office as “extremely careless.” Comey also said her conduct and that of her aides did not clearly violate the law or warrant prosecution.

What isn’t known is whether the new surveys are capturing Clinton at a low that will prove temporary, as voters react to Comey’s criticism and the renewed attention to her use of a private email server, or whether they reflect a more lasting shift that could hobble the presumed Democratic nominee for the remainder of the campaign.

A recent New York Times/CBS News poll found that the two presumptive nominees were tied at 40 percent. But 67 percent of respondents said they viewed the Democratic presumptive nominee as untrustworthy, which was up 5 points from the previous month.

Hillary’s email scandal really is a catch-22 for her. If she had been prosecuted and convicted of crimes, that would have proven in the minds of most Americans that she is corrupt and obviously untrustworthy.

But the FBI’s decision not to press charges doesn’t necessarily make the situation that much better. Now, it just looks like she’s using her name and connections to get away with crimes that others have been punished for.

No matter what happens, it’s too late. People by and large view her as untrustworthy, and there’s not anything that anyone – even the media – can do about it.

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