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Next Up For Gay Marriage Proponents – Force Churches to Perform Gay Weddings

Hello, “gay rights” proponents.

I’d like to ask you a question.

Think very carefully before you respond, because I will hold you to your answer.

It’s a two-parter, and here it is:

Do you believe in freedom of association? Do you believe in freedom of expression?

Wait! It’s a trap! Mind your step, my friends. Think about this. Take a break, meditate on the question, and then come back to it.

OK, now, after careful consideration, I ask again:

Do you believe in freedom of association? Do you believe in freedom of expression?

You do? Of course you say you do. Your entire philosophy is built on these two freedoms. Personally, I don’t think either are actually relevant to the fundamental question of whether or not the union between two men can be equal to the union between a man and a woman, and therefore whether two men can actually be “married,” but I’m accepting your premise for the sake of argument.

Freedom of association. Freedom of expression. The latter explicitly protected under the First Amendment, the former implicitly. Both, in my mind, pretty unrelated to this subject, yet consistently trotted out by gay marriage advocates.

So, alright, let’s go with it.

gaycakeBut remember, you can’t just profess these principles when they are convenient to your cause. Principles are solid things; they can’t be picked apart and redesigned. They carry with them a certain responsibility. If you fail in that responsibility, your principles become meaningless, and no intelligent adult can be expected to take you seriously. This is what forever irritates me about modern America. Very few people have the guts to apply their own principles evenly, equally, and consistently in every situation, all of the time, no matter what. And nothing will get better as long as we’re too cowardly to even believe in our own beliefs.

This is all a long way of saying that you, gay marriage supporters, are frauds and hypocrites if you don’t speak out loudly against this.

A judge in Colorado has ordered a baker to make a wedding cake for a gay couple. This is like something out of a George Orwell acid trip. We now have judges forcing Christians to bake desserts for gay men. Let that sink in for a moment. This is actually happening. In America. In reality.

This baker, specifically targeted by this attention-seeking couple, initially declined to make a cake for the gay wedding because he had deep and profound religious objections to the ceremony. This left the gay couple with two options: 1) Go, like, find any other baker in the area. 2) Try to legally force the man to bake the cake, because FREEDOM.

Of course, as per usual, they went with option two. There is so much laughable hypocrisy in the “gay rights” movement that I have officially decided to stop parsing my words about it.


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