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Guess Who the Media is Blaming for the Nice Terrorist Attack?

Written by Philip Hodges

In response to liberals’ penchant for blaming inanimate objects for violence, conservatives would often joke about how cars should be banned, since more people die in car wrecks than by gunshot wounds.

Or, following the terrorist attack on 9/11, box-cutters and planes should be banned. And following the Boston bombings, pressure cookers should be banned.

It was supposed to be a joke, but it seems that the media – in an attempt once again to ignore the reality of Islamic terrorism or even criminal intent – has decided to take the focus off the Nice, France terrorist himself, and place blame on the object used. The truck.

If he had used a gun, it would have been easy. We’re used to having the media blame everything on guns. But, a truck? At least they’re consistent.

Paul Joseph Watson wrote:

CBC reported, “Children feared killed in Nice as truck attacks family event”. Presumably, the truck was somehow able to manifest artificial intelligence and plough itself through dozens of victims.

Not to be outdone, CNN reported “Truck rams crowd; 84 dead in Nice,” again providing a convenient way of avoiding any mention of the ideology that inspired the driver.

The New York Times went with “Truck attack on French crowd; Scores die,” again pinning the blame on the vehicle rather than the Islamist inside it.

Yes, the truck itself attacked a bunch of people, leaving at least 84 dead, including 10 children. Now, we need to organize an effort to ban these assault trucks and find ways of making sure they don’t end up in the “wrong hands.”

Seriously, though. A man just used a truck to murder scores of people. If he had used a gun as his primary means of murder, the world’s leaders – including our own – would be clamoring for gun control. Anything but blame the actual person responsible.

Since he used a truck, the media will focus on the truck, but no one is going to call for “truck control.” Of course, I say that now.

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