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What Liberals Won’t Admit About the Separation of Church and State

Written by iPatriot

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(Spiritual faith in our country has been ridiculed and attacked for many years.  Promoters of false extrapolations of Amendment I of the US Constitution have been successful only because the people of our country have not known those interpretations to be wrong.  Amazingly, falsehoods have been presented and accepted as truth for so long that many who are shown evidence to the contrary tend to fearfully cover their eyes, ears and mouths. With 44 years’ experience in public schools, I have never seen a textbook containing the following information or talked to a teacher who has so informed any student.  My primary source of reference has been The Avalon Project, Lillian Goldman Library, Yale Law School.)

Because of the current worship of the expression, “wall of separation between church and state”, some folks believe it is found in the US Constitution. It is not. The only mention of religion in the original document is that no religious test can be required to hold federal office.

Subsequent to ratification of the original constitution, Amendment I specifically denied Congress the power to establish a national religion. The term “national religion” was universally understood by those who wrote and ratified the original US Constitution…

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